John C. is now free!

We got John discharged from prison. He was arrested in 2019 without committing any crime. His friend, Chigozie allegedly did but could not be found. John was arrested in lieu of his roommate.


John and Chigozie lived together somewhere at Isolo. Chigozie allegedly stole money from the private guard service company where he worked. Because Chigozie lives with John and they are really close family friends, John became the offender and was dragged before a court and remanded in prison.


Since 2019, he has been in remand. Without a lawyer, he couldn't be heard. He was a youth leader in church but his friends all disappeared as the court case went on for years without any hope of release. His immediate family members didn't desert him but there was a little they could do. His aged mother was battling with a sickness and had lost hope of ever getting him out of prison. The sister needed a surgery and couldn't show up for him in court on many adjourned dates.


When The Justice Project took up his matter last month, it was a complex matter. The Prosecutor comes to Court when he likes and was never committed to opening trial. The Complainants were not coming to court anymore knowing that he was already stuck in prison without help. The Police that arrested and arraigned him have no record of him or his case. John himself has no document in his case or the details of the allegation he is standing trial for.


TJP did the background work and provided evidence to Court that John is not the criminal Police was looking for. He has no connection whatsoever to the crime alleged.


John is now free!

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